About Us

We are Donna, Dan and Todd Wilkins, the owners of When the Cat’s Away.


Donna is the cat expert.  Dan is the architect. Todd is the Business, IT and Marketing  man. We are Lost Cat Trilogy, LLC.

Inspired by her love of horses and working with animals in her youth, Donna worked as an Animal Health Technician at a veterinary hospital.  After 12 years of experience, she branched out and started Coastal Pet Sitters, the pioneer of such services in Half Moon Bay.  After some time, Dan and Donna decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, opening a cat only boarding facility in Belmont – One of the first of its kind in the Bay Area.  They ran a successful, rewarding business for another 12 years serving thousands of cats, families, and owners on the Peninsula.

After selling the business, we picked up a love of surfing and have greatly enjoyed the community that exists in Pacifica. Donna has worked as a swim teacher in Half Moon Bay for 8 years, and Dan recently retired from United Airlines where he worked as an AMT. Todd grew to an adult, learning many new skills in the world of college and work. Missing our cat clients and longing to run our own business again, we opened “When the Cat’s Away” in 2013. Together, we own and operate “When the Cat’s Away” with the mission of providing comfortable, stress free and clean boarding for cats only in the most professional way. In our beautiful, new location, the Wilkins Family looks forward to making friends and serving the cats and families of the Coastside, Peninsula, and beyond.

Donna and Dan Wilkins.

Donna and Dan Wilkins.

Our mission is to provide comfortable, stress-free, clean and modern boarding for cats. And to do so in an accessible, professional and transparent way.
Our vision is to be leaders in our service in the Bay Area – As an integral part of the community.