Services and Rates

$34.00 per night. (Each additional cat from the same family, in the same suite: $18.00 per night, each. Includes feeding, filtered water, maid service, entertainment and relaxation.)

Medication: Injections & Fluids: $5. Pills and other medications administered to our boarders free of charge in most cases.

Grooming – Please call for availability:  (Done only if possible, if you know what we mean! Prices below.)

We include brushing of all our pet clients. But for those who need a little more:

  • Nail Trim:  $15.00
  • Bath:  $50.00 – $65.00. Includes:  Nail trim, thorough deshed, double shampooing using exfoliating gloves, thorough blow out.  Ears, Eyes cleaned. 
  • Dematting/Body Shave:  $20.00 – $115.00. Can also be combined with a bath. Please call for approximate pricing and discuss custom needs of your kitty.
  • Flea Control (CAPSTAR®): $15.00

Before Your Cat’s Stay

Make A Reservation

Only cats of the same family will be boarded together, as stipulated by the owner. When the Cat’s Away does not allow cats of different families to intermingle.

If there are multiple kitties in your household and you would prefer more than one unit for your cats, please let us know upon booking their stay. Your nightly cost will be adjusted, accordingly.