Our Facility

When the Cat’s Away is a relaxed, coastal, cat hotel located in beautiful Pacifica, CA.

When the Cat’s Away features individual suites (3’x3’x7′ or 4’x4’x7′) able to house 1-2 guests with a climbing wall, bed, and private potty box in each unit. We have 6 different rooms that house multiple units, each are ventilated, with plenty of fresh air and even a window or skylight. The building is heated throughout, kept at a comfortable 65° in the Winter time. We feature a private lounge, a personal concierge staff, complimentary treats, and beverage presentations throughout the day for our feline patrons. Personal potty boxes are cleaned whenever it is needed. We use Mavea Water Filtration for our guests’ hydration needs. Learn why here.
Location and Directions Photos